Where there is a ski run there’s a mountain bike trail! The mountain bikers can take full advantage of the summer lift system: attach their bikes to the lifts and gondolas and several minutes later you arrive at the top of the mountain and it’s downhill from then on!

Mountain bikes are readily available to rent from several outlets in Flachau. So if you’ve never ridden a mountain bike, now’s your time to learn, there are instructor led courses from the outlets. Plus the trails are graded, so you can build up your confidence and get a braver on the steeper trails after a couple of days.

There are also dedicated areas nearby, such as the Wagrain Mountain Bike Park. Here you must try out the famous ‘Symphony’ Free ride trail, with special jumps and obstacles for the real enthusiasts. However the Park caters for novices (with great instructors) and experts, and is available for riders of all ages (including the kids of course).