There are several ski schools operating from Flachau, here’s a selection starting with the most famous:

Hermann Maier Ski School
No 1 Flachau Ski School
Snowlife Flachau Ski School
Ski School Sport Jet – Intersport
Fun & Pro Ski School

The ski schools offer a wide range of courses regardless of age, from the age of 4, and regardless of experience: from total beginners to experts. They offer boarding classes as well as ski classes, and they will also provide cross-country courses as well. The instructors are generally really well versed in English, so don’t worry about a lack of German!

The children are really taken care of, the courses include lunch (and lots of fun); this enables the Mums and Dads to really relax and enjoy their own skiing, or to chill out, without their loved ones!

Check out the links online, you can check out the different options, and book in advance, without having to worry about getting the lessons organised on the first day.