Terms & Conditions

Please do read through the following Terms and Conditions, which contains important and useful information about the rental of ‘SummerHaus’. These sections form the basis of a contractual agreement between the owners of the apartment and the renters. It is the responsibility of the renters to have read through and understood these terms and it is expressly understood that the renters accept these terms.

House Rules

  1. We maintain a strict no smoking policy in and around the apartment. This includes the outside balconies.
  2. We are unable to accept bookings for guests bringing pets and animals.
  3. We insist that no footwear (shoes, boots, trainers etc) are used inside the apartment. The flooring of the apartment is either natural wooden flooring (all bedrooms and the living area/kitchen) or tiles (bathrooms and hallway); these can be easily marked and scratched. We do have under-floor heating throughout the apartment, hence it’s warm and cosy and there’s no need for any foot wear. There is a shoe rack in the reception area.
  4. The ski cellar is located down the outside stairs, underneath the apartment. There is ample room to store all the ski gear, we have installed a boot warmer and ski rack; plus there is a bench for you to sit down and squeeze in or out of your ski boots! So please do not leave nor bring your ski equipment into the apartment.
    Flachau, and most of the Austrian municipalities, are extremely ‘environmental conscious’, hence they do set strict guidelines for the disposal and management of waste. We have provided clear instructions in the apartment to help our guests. This involves separating the waste into different bins (plastics, glass, bio waste and non-recyclable waste), we’ve marked and colour coded the different bins for everyone.
  5. It is important that our guests do follow to these instructions. The Flachau municipality will levy fines against each apartment for any waste which has not been correctly separated. So please do make sure that you do adhere to the instructions, otherwise we maintain the right to deduct the value of any fines from the security deposit.
  6. We do want our guests to have a great holiday and of course to have fun! However please do try to keep noise levels to a minimum outside the apartment in the evenings, the adjacent apartments and neighbours will include families and children who will want a full night’s sleep ready for the next day on the slopes! So please do treat the neighbourhood with respect.
  7. We do have a House Manual, which contains lots of advice about the apartment. There are also instruction manuals (multi-lingual) for all of the household appliances and equipment: Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, TV, Dish Washer, Microwave, Cooker, Hob, Fridge/Freezer etc. There is also information about ski hire, lift passes, and some recommendations of local restaurants, bars and supermarkets.
  8. We do have a representative of our management company, who is based within 15 minutes drive of Flachau. The representatives contact number and details are provided in the ‘House Manual’. They are available to provide assistance in case of any problems.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Pricing & Payment

The prices listed on our web site are based upon a 7 day rental period, on a Saturday to Saturday basis. This includes all electricity and water costs and also includes the provision of fresh bed linen and towels.

We require a 40% non-refundable advance payment with any confirmed booking. The full balance is then required 12 weeks prior to arrival. Any bookings confirmed within 12 weeks of the arrival date, are to be paid in full. We are unable to offer any refunds for cancellations. Should any payments be late beyond a period of 5 days after the due date, the Owner retains the right to cancel the booking and to retain all monies received.

A ‘cleaning fee’ is an extra charge of Eu 140, which is added to the weekly rental price. This is to pay for the cleaning and commissioning of the apartment (e.g. making up the beds).

There is also a small local tourist tax (currently of Eu 1.2 per person per day, i.e. Eu 8.40 per week), which will added to the cost.

Special prices may apply for different dates, depending upon availability. Equally we are able to offer additional discounts for multi-week rental periods, e.g. 14 days, 21 days or more. So please use the ‘Contact Us’ Section and email us for more information.

Please do check the ‘Prices & Availability’ Section and process your payments and bookings.

Security Deposit

A security deposit of Eu 250 is required with each booking. The renters are expected to use the apartment, including all furnishings, fixtures and equipment, in a reasonable manner. Hence it is understood that the renters are responsible for any breakages, damages or loss during their stay.

We conduct an inventory check after each departure and we will normally refund the deposit to you within 14 days. If there is cause to deduct any charges, we will notify you and advise the value of any deduction from the deposit, and promptly refund the balance.

Renter’s Party

We do require a list of the members of the group; this should include the following information:

  • First Name, Family Name, and Date of Birth.
  • The maximum number of guests will be 9 persons (maximum of 8 adults or children and 1 baby).
  • There should be one member of the party who is the prime contact for any communications.
  • Any changes to the party must be communicated to us prior to arrival and it should be understood that we cannot accept any additional or new persons staying in the apartment, who were not included on the list.

Arrival & Departure

The guests can enter the apartment from 3.00pm on the Saturday.

Saturday is the most common ‘change-over’ day, so the apartment will be cleaned and made ready for you during the morning and early afternoon.

Guests are requested to depart from the apartment by 10.00am on the Saturday. This enables us to prepare the apartment for the next guests.

Instructions for key and access into the apartment will be forwarded to the renters within a minimum of 10 days prior to their arrival date.


We urge our guests to check and ensure that they have full and comprehensive insurance covering all aspects of risk including but not limited to illness, accident, cancellation of holiday, travel, theft and loss of belongings and sports injury (particularly for snow sports).

Neither the owners nor our representatives can be held in any way responsible for the theft, damage to, or loss of equipment or valuables during the rental period. We advise our guests to make certain that they have taken out an insurance policy providing cover for such instances.

Disturbances and Force Majeure

The owners cannot accept any responsibility or compensation where the performances of the contractual obligations are affected by ‘force majeure’. This includes unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to, acts of war, riot, civil or political unrest, industrial dispute, terrorist activity threatened or actual and its consequences, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, disease, famine, adverse weather conditions, closure of ports, airports or roads and air traffic control delays.

The owners cannot be held in any way responsible for weather or snow conditions affecting the winter sports activities, such as skiing; or affecting their access to and from the apartment. Equally the owners cannot be held in any way responsible for any disturbances or disruptions arising from any maintenance, construction or civil works carried on in any area near the apartment or in the locality.


Any complaints must be communicated to the owner or their representative in writing (including email), within 48 hours of any incident. We will make every attempt to respond to and rectify any problems immediately.

Owner’s Liability

The owners expressly limit their liability to the cost of the rental period for the apartment. The owners do not accept any other liabilities, howsoever they arise; including but not limited to any injury or loss of life incurred to the tenant. The tenant is recommended to arrange his own personal insurance policy for such events.