Flachau has a good selection of ski outlets, to hire or buy your equipment. There are outlets on the main Flachau high street (near the village centre) and there are outlets around the lift and gondola stations.

We have used and can recommend the large Inter Sport outlet (www.intersport-evers.at), which is right next to the main Ticket Office at the bottom of the Gondola station.

Plus if you do hire ski equipment as a family, the children’s equipment is free! So go and check them out, it’s exceptional value for money.

They have a simple computerised check-in station (in English, German and other languages), their staff are all extremely knowledgeable and they have a tremendous range of the up to date skis, boards, boots etc. They will give you good advice on the selection of equipment, and they are extremely flexible: you can exchange one set of boots, or skis, for another. If you are buying equipment they have a fantastic fitting and test centre, which enables you to try out and test the equipment.

They will also give some great tips on where to go! They also have a great range of ski wear, stocking a wide range of brands (so make sure that you have your credit card available!).