The Alpine scenery around Flachau is a ‘Summer Paradise’ of Mountains, Lakes, Clear Blue Skies and Sunshine and Clean Fresh Air! From April to the early October, there’s > 6 months of glorious warm and sunny weather.

Many of the ski lifts and gondolas remain open, which gives everyone easy access up into the mountains, to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or mountain biking, or simply taking a leisurely stroll and dining outdoors in one of the many mountain side restaurants, while taking in some of the world’s greatest panoramas.

Flachau also offers a great range of sporting activities. There are many top class golf courses nearby, and an increasing number of golfers enjoy a golfing holiday, touring the area’s courses and playing against the stunning backdrop of the Alps. Plus there’s cycling, swimming, mountain biking, climbing, horse riding, tennis, white water rafting and a whole lot more.

In addition to this you have easy access from Flachau to so many places to visit: castles, zoos, caves, waterfalls and some of Austria’s prettiest villages and towns, such as Radstadt. Then of course there is the city of Salzburg, only 35 minutes away, which opens up a whole range of places to see and visit.